Crazy Drifter - Human Pylons [Video]

Posted April 2, 2014

Some people really have an extraordinary amount of trust for the people around them. That is certainly necessary for these human pylons, as this drifter works his way closer and closer to their toes. This isn't the sort of "heel & toe" driving that we typically are referring to.

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For The Win Fridays - BMW E46 M3 Hillclimb [Video]

Posted March 28, 2014

BMW E46 M3 Hillclimb

Watch Garo Haroutounian tackle his BMW E46 M3 on this bumpy and narrow hillclimb in Falougha.

Messed Up Mondays - A Fat Epidemic On 4 Wheels [News]

Posted March 24, 2014

 A Fat Epidemic On 4 Wheels

This graphic by AUTOCAR magazine gives a glimpse of what is going on with all automakers. Gone are the days of simple, small and light performance cars. Credit to McLaren on keeping a hybrid supercar within 250kg of it's natural predecessor. All the technology and safety measures may still make a car that performs better, but we can all agree that less weight is always more desirable. When you look at all sorts of different vehicles you start to notice a horrifying trend. If you're like me, you prefer your performance cars as light as possible. So why does it seem that every current vehicle is heavier than it's predecessor?

Sleek Sundays - Jaguar XJ220 [Feature]

Posted March 23, 2014

Jaguar XJ220

Many people are obsessed with Nurburgring lap times as a standard benchmark for vehicle performance. While many drool over McLaren F1s and Ferrari F40s they may be surprised to hear that the Jaguar XJ220 held the production car record at the Nurburgring for 8 years from 1992-2000 with a time of 7:46. The XJ220 also held the top speed title briefly with a speed 213.1mph before the McLaren F1 set it's best speed a year later. So why then, with all the pandomonium around the Ferrari F40 and McLaren F1, don't we hear more about Jaguar's greatest supercar? Perhaps the faint aroma of false promises still arises when the name "XJ220" is spoken. This is a story of false advertising: the story of the Jaguar XJ220.

For The Win Fridays - IndyCar Barber Motorsports [Video]

Posted March 21, 2014

IndyCar Barber Motorsports

There is nothing quite as impressive as wrestling an IndyCar around a tricky course. Now consider that Josef Newgarden somehow makes it look easy with slick tires in damp and frigid conditions. This is how you tame Barber Motorsports Park!

Equus Bass 770 [Feature]

Posted March 20, 2014

Equus Bass 770

At first glance the all new Equus Bass 770 seems like a ridiculously expensive resto-mod.The un-mistakable profile is so close to the cars that inspire this car, that most people would assume that a 1967 Mustang chassis underneath. Your $250,000 buys you something a little bit more special.  

Messed Up Mondays - Japanese Bosozoku Vans [Picture]

Posted March 17, 2014

Japanese Vans

You may have seen pictures of some of these extremely styled and cartoonish Japanese cars on the internet before. Bosozoku style car culture in Japan is inspired loosely by old race cars, Japanese gangster cars and we suspect there is also an anime influence. The Bosozoku style was first associated with motorcycles. Motorcycle gangs, typically consisting of teenagers, would remove mufflers and style their bikes as obnoxiously as possible. They were known to ride dangerously through traffic without helmets. Bosozoku loosely translates to "violent running gang". Happily the transfer to car and van culture has dropped most of the negative aspects associated with the name with only a small percentage of owners having ties to gangs. What onlookers are left with are spectacular vehicles that have sacrificed almost all of their available functionality in favor of a bizarre artistic form. It's safe to say that this art is an acquired taste.

For The Win Fridays - NSX-R at Tsukuba [Video]

Posted March 14, 2014

NSX-R at Tsukuba

The NSX-R was a special model produced by Honda in 1992 with the race track in mind. Forged Enkei wheels, Recaro carbon fiber seats, sound deadening removal, stereo removal, and air conditioning removal were meant to make the car incredibly light. Curb weight was dropped to 2712lbs. New spring rates and stiffer sway bars help the R demonstrate it's credibility when the road gets twisty. This NSX-R has received more special care beyond Honda's efforts. It has been widened and includes a massive Super GT inspired front splitter. The 3.2L DOHC V6 engine has been re-built too make 380hp. Forged internals and special cams fed with 6 individual throttle bodies sound sweet at 8,500rpm. The interior is gutted to shed even more weight (now 2350lbs) and incorporate a bolt in roll cage. Sticky tires complete the package, making this one serious track car.

Throwback Thursday - 1967 Volvo Amazon [Feature]

Posted March 13, 2014

1967 Volvo Amazon

This sweet classic slab of Swedish iron won "Sweden's Hottest Volvo" recently, earning it a trip to Las Vegas to be displayed at SEMA. It certainly is one of the most interesting and meticulously crafted Volvos we've ever seen. The exterior only gives onlookers subtle hints at what's lurking underneath. Mattias Vocks, the builder, certainly knows how to turn the mundane into both a spectacular piece of art and a true pavement shredder.

Tuned Tuesday - Tomitaku TC24-B1 S30 [Feature]

Posted March 11, 2014

Tomitaku TC24-B1 S30

Tomitaku's 240Z is somewhat of a legend amongst tuner cars in Japan. To understand the mystique behind the car, you have to start in the early 1960s. The company OS Gilken was known for amazing dual overhead camshaft cylinder heads that were powering Datsun 510 Bluebirds. With 4 valves per cylinder and a pent roof geometry they were remarkably powerful cylinder heads. President, founder, and engineer, Osamu Okazaki turned his attention to the L28 engine in the new 280ZX in late 1977. The Porsche 930 Turbo (~1977) was the benchmark. Okazaki wanted to work his magic on the L28 (168hp) and embarrass the best germany had to offer. The much more expensive Porsche used a 3.0 turbo-charged flat 6 cylinder engine to make 260hp. With nearly 100hp defecit and nodesire to use forced induction, Mr Okazaki had quite a challenge.